Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the Sayari FAQ section. Here, we address common questions and issues encountered by our users, offering solutions and guidance. Also, don’t forget to check out the Sayari Library to get a deeper understanding of Sayari’s data model and resolution logic.

How can I get access to the API?

To access our API, you’ll need credentials. Please contact your account manager or fill out this form. Our team will connect with you to provide the necessary details.

Is there a quickstart guide or documentation available?

Absolutely! Visit our API Getting Started Guide to kick things off and complete our version of “Hellow World!“. For comprehensive documentation, check out our API Reference.

What are the API’s rate limits?

For information on API rate limits, visit our Rate Limits page. If you’re encountering a 429 error due to rate limits and require higher throughput, please get in touch with your account manager.

How does authentication work with your API?

Our API uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication. For detailed information on how to authenticate your requests, please visit our Authentication Guide.

Are there any SDKs or code examples available?

Yes, we offer various SDKs for easier integration. Visit our API Clients page for a list of available SDKs, our Postman collection, and the Open API spec. For code examples and implementation guidance, refer to our API Reference and Guides.

Where can I find information about API updates?

Stay updated with the latest changes and enhancements by visiting our Change Log.

Does the API support push notifications or webhooks and websockets?

Currently, we do not support webhooks or websockets. We are however working on write access and pull notifications - stay tuned.

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