API Change Log


May-07 | Q2.24.2 release

Deprecation Notice: Shipments - EmbeddedEntity & Entity Search

Effective: June 25th, 2024, the following changes will occur:

EmbeddedEntity Modifications

  • The relationship_type object within EmbeddedEntity will no longer include shipper_of and receiver_of relationship types.
  • Instead, API users should reference the new trade_count object within EmbeddedEntity to analyze the volume of shipments sent and received by an entity.

Affected Endpoints (with EmbeddedEntity in the response)

Current | relationship_count
2 "relationship_count": {
3 "shipper_of": 969,
4 "receiver_of": 109,
5 "ships_to": 75,
6 "receives_from": 26,
7 "notify_party_of": 59
8 },
New | trade_count
2 "trade_count": {
3 "sent": 969,
4 "received": 109
5 },

Entity Search Endpoint Changes

Entity Search will no longer return entity type shipment in the response. Instead, if the desire is to search for and return shipments, we encourage API users to adopt the new Trade Endpoints, which are designed to offer enhanced capabilities for searching and analyzing trade data, suitable for both investigative and supply-chain use cases.

It will still be possible to understand if a company or person has trade data from Entity Search by referencing the above trade_count object.

Trade Endpoints:

For detailed guidance on how to transition and take advantage of the new Trade Endpoints, we recommend visiting our guides:

Beta Documentation Update

Added API Reference documentation for the following beta endpoints:

Save to Projects and Notifications

Upstream Supply Chain

Reach out to your account representative for more details regarding beta programs

Additional Documentation Updates

  • Rate Limits updated.
  • Risk Factors documentation updated to improve the developer experience.
  • Added limit as a query-parameter for the Resolution endpoint. Default is set to the max of 10. Requesting a lower limit, will reduce the number of matched entities.


Fern developer documentation launch

  • We’re proud to announce the launch of our new developer documentation with Fern 🌱! Check out our new API reference documentation, client libraries and more. We’ll be sun setting our previous docs site docs.sayari.com on April 5th, 2024. If you have any feedback, let us know by clicking on Was this page helpful? At the bottom of the page.


Traversal Limit Update

  • In our ongoing effort to maintain optimal performance and stability for our API clients, we have set the maximum offset limit to 1,000 paths. Per request, the default limit remains the same 20, with a max of 50.


Sunset Notice - v0 Endpoints



Trade Search Beta

  • We’re excited to announce the launch of our Beta program for the Trade Search API. To gain early access and help shape its development, please get in touch with your account representative.


Deprecation Notice - v0 Endpoints**

  • v0 endpoints are now deprecated and will be sunset on 2024-02-09. See v0 Migration Guide for details. Please contact your account representative if you have any questions.g