All attributes include

from_date      ✔stringstart date of an attribute
date      ✔stringas-of date of an attribute
to_date      ✔stringend date of an attribute

Additional Information

This is a generic attribute used to hold miscellaneous information not covered by any other attribute. Includes “value” (for the attribute itself), “type” (a name: e.g., “Real property description”), and “extra” (a miscellaneous field to hold any other details).

value      ✔stringThe additional information itself
type      ✔stringThe type of additional information being conveyed


A physical location description. Addresses may exist as a simple string (“123 South Main St., South Bend, IN 46556”), or may be in smaller chunks with separate fields (“Number: 123”, “Street name: South Main …”). Where possible, these fields will be parsed using the Libpostal ontology, which facilitates more robust address analysis and comparison.

valuestringA single string that expresses the entire address. If this is created in the parser, it should run from the most specific part of the address to the least specific.
translated      ✔stringThe address value translated to English
transliterated      ✔stringThe address value transliterated to English
type      ✔Address TypeIndicates what the address is referring to. For example, it could be a physical address, mailing address, or other address type.
language      ✔LanguageThe language in which the address was provided in the record
house      ✔stringBuilding/site name (e.g., “Brooklyn Academy of Music”, “Empire State Building”)
house_number      ✔stringUsually refers to the external (street-facing) building number. In some jurisdictions, this may be a compound number that also includes an apartment/block number.
po_box      ✔stringTypically found in non-physical (mail-only) addresses
building      ✔string
entrance      ✔stringNumbered/lettered entrance
staircase      ✔stringNumbered/lettered staircase
level      ✔stringExpressions indicating a floor number (e.g., “3rd Floor”, “Ground Floor”)
unit      ✔stringAn apartment, unit, office, lot, or other secondary unit designator
road      ✔stringStreet name(s)
metro_station      ✔string
suburb      ✔stringUsually an unofficial neighborhood name, like “Harlem”, “South Bronx”, or “Crown Heights”
city_district      ✔stringBoroughs or districts within a city that serve some official purpose (e.g., “Brooklyn”, “Hackney”, or “Bratislava IV”)
city      ✔stringAny human settlement, including cities, towns, villages, hamlets, localities, etc.
state_district      ✔stringA second-level administrative division or county
island      ✔stringNamed islands (e.g., “Maui”)
state      ✔stringA first-level administrative division, including provinces and departments. Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England in the UK are also mapped to “state” (convention commonly used in geocoding tools).
postcode      ✔stringPostal codes used for mail sorting
country_region      ✔stringInformal subdivision of a country without any political status
country      ✔stringSovereign nations and their dependent territories; anything with an ISO 3166 code
world_region      ✔stringCurrently only used for appending “West Indies” after the country name, a pattern frequently used in the English-speaking Caribbean (e.g., “Jamaica, West Indies”)
category      ✔stringFor category queries like “restaurants”, etc.
near      ✔stringPhrases like “in”, “near”, etc. used after a category phrase, to help with parsing queries like “restaurants in Brooklyn”
x      ✔doubleThe X coordinate (longitude) of the address
y      ✔doubleThe Y coordinate (latitude) of the address
precision_code      ✔stringA code describing the precision of the X and Y coordinates

Business Purpose

Text and/or a code (NAICS, NACE, ISIC, etc.) that describes what a company is legally allowed to do or produce

value      ✔stringA text description
code      ✔stringA code
standard      ✔Business Purpose StandardThe type of code (e.g., “ISIC4”, “NACE1”)

Company Type

A type of legal entity in a given jurisdiction (e.g., “LLC”, “Sociedad Anonima”, “Private Company Limited by Shares”)

valuestringFree text


Contact information for an entity

valuestringThe contact detail itself (e.g., “[email protected]”, “202-555-5555”)
type      ✔Contact TypeEmail, fax, phone number, or URL


An affiliation of an entity with a given country through residence, nationality, etc.

valueCountryThe country, ideally normalized to an ISO trigram
context      ✔Country ContextThe type of affiliation
state      ✔stringThe subnational state, province, region, etc.

Date Of Birth

Birth date of a person

valuestringThe date of birth in YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, or YYYY format


This attribute is deprecated.

A financial figure, typically share capital

valuedoubleThe numerical amount
context      ✔Finance TypeThe type of figure
type      ✔stringA free-text definition of the type
currency      ✔CurrencyThe currency, if applicable


A summary of financial information at one point in time

revenue      ✔doubleThe total amount of income generated by the sale of goods or services related to the company’s primary operations
net_income      ✔doubleCompany’s earnings for a period after subtracting operating costs, taxes, and interest
assets      ✔doubleThe total value of assets owned by a company
liabilities      ✔doubleSum of the combined debts a company owes
registered_capital      ✔doubleRegistered capital is the maximum amount of share capital that a company is authorized to raise
paid_up_capital      ✔doublePaid-up capital is the capital already held by the company
employees      ✔intTotal employees
currency      ✔CurrencyReporting currency


A person’s gender

valueGenderMay be described as “female”, “male”, or “other”


This attribute is deprecated.

A placeholder attribute. Rarely used. A generic attribute typically does not fit any other attribute type.

value      ✔stringThe value of the attribute as text (e.g., “Max”)
type      ✔stringA text description of the attribute (e.g., “name of pet”)


An ID number that uniquely identifies one entity when value and type are taken into account.

valuestringThe text/number value of the identifier
typeIdentifier TypeThe type must include the jurisdiction in which it is issued


A numerical measurement of a dimension of an entity (e.g., weight) using a standard unit

valuedoubleThe value of the measurement
typeMeasurement TypeType of the measurement
unitUnitThe unit of the measurement

Monetary Value

The financial value of an asset (e.g., FOB, CIF)

valuedoubleThe financial value of the asset
currency      ✔CurrencyThe ISO 4217 currency code
contextMonetary Value ContextThe type of value


An entity’s name. The value may be straightforward (e.g., “Acme LLC”, “John Doe”) or context specific (e.g., “Jones v. Smith” as a legal matter name).

valuestringThe name, as text
language      ✔LanguageThe language that the name is in
context      ✔Name ContextThe type of name
translated      ✔stringThe name value translated to English
transliterated      ✔stringThe name value transliterated to English

Person Status

This attribute is deprecated.

A key event occurring in a person’s life, usually temporal

valuePerson StatusThe event


An attribute used for many different relationship types that allows for the inclusion of a title or designation (e.g., member_of_the_board_of, Position: “Secretary of the Board” or shareholder_of, Position: “Minority shareholder”)

valuestringThe position as text

Risk Intelligence

An attribute for risk intelligence metadata

typeTagType of risk intelligence
authority      ✔stringGovernment authority issuing the enforcement or risk intelligence action
program      ✔stringSpecific to sanctions risk. Sanctions program under which the entity is designated.
list      ✔stringOfficial list where the entity’s risk information or enforcement action is recorded
reason      ✔stringExplanation or legal basis for the risk intelligence


Shares associated with an entity (e.g., number of shares issued by a company or number of shares held by a shareholder)

num_shares      ✔doubleThe number of shares held, issued, etc.
monetary_value      ✔doubleThe total monetary value of the shares
currency      ✔CurrencyThe currency of the monetary_value
percentage      ✔doubleThe percentage of shares owned
type      ✔stringA string describing the type of shares (e.g., “Class B”, “Protected cell shares”)


The status of an entity. This attribute is used to indicate details such as registration, operating, or liquidation status as well as an entity’s license or sole proprietorship status.

value      ✔Company StatusThe status, normalized to one of the status enums
text      ✔stringThe raw status text
context      ✔Status ContextThe type of status, such as license or partnership type

Translated Name

A name that has been translated to English

valuestringThe name, as text
original      ✔stringThe original name
context      ✔Translation ContextThe type of translation

Weak Identifier

A non-unique ID number, like a partially redacted tax ID or a registry identifier, whose value and type may be shared by multiple entities

valuestringThe text value of the identifier
typeWeak Identifier TypeThe type of the identifier, including the country/jurisdiction that issued it