API Clients


Getting Started with Postman Collections

You can use our Postman collection to easily test and play around with our APIs

Download Postman and the Sayari collection

Import the collection

  • Create a workspace in Postman
  • Locate the import option inside it
  • Drag and drop the collection.json file

Review the collection

  • You should now see the collection and Sayari endpoints in your workspace
  • Each endpoint contains defaults you can test, however before they work we need to setup authentication

Setup Postman environment and variables

  • Navigate to environments
  • Use global, or create an environment of your choice
  • Add two variables: client_id and client_secret and enter the credentials you have received from Sayari
  • If you don’t have credentials, reach out to your account representative

Make an auth request, and copy the bearer token

  • Set your client_id and client_secret variables in the body of Auth: Get Token Request
  • Hit send
  • Copy the access_token

Set the token variable

  • Go to the API collection, navigate to variables and paste the access_token as the initial value and current value for token
  • Once the token expires (24 hours), you will need to repeat this step

Make your first request!

  • Now that authentication is setup, navigate to the endpoint of your choice
  • Modify parameters as desired
  • Review payloads and responses